The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund (TSCSF) is an independent charity established by the Shell Group in 1998 in celebration of Shell’s centenary with an endowment of £10 million.

Its charitable objects were initially solely to promote the advancement of education through the provision of postgraduate scholarships at universities in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands for students from developing countries. The aim was to make a long-term contribution to their home countries’ development by transferring skills and knowledge, while strengthening links to the UK and the Netherlands.

Since its inception, TSCSF has provided almost 1000 scholarships to students from around the world including Brazil, China, India, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa and Venezuela. Over recent years, TSCSF has further evolved its approach to have greater impact by focusing its support on initiatives that are providing solutions to human capital challenges in developing countries and delivering support to the next generation of leaders.

Relationship with the Royal Dutch Shell Group:

TSCSF is an independent charity. We maintain an “independent yet linked” relationship with our corporate founder so as to draw on their expertise, business resources and networks where appropriate, in order to enhance our ability to achieve lasting public benefit.

To meet our charitable mission, we deploy the full range of resources at our disposal, particularly our ability to leverage value-adding support from others, including The Royal Dutch Shell Group.

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We currently work with a number of partners to deliver our objectives. Find out more about the organisations we work with.


TSCSF is registered with the UK Charity Commission. Our governance structure includes a Board of Trustees comprised of independent Shell senior leaders who oversee our work.


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